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Save Lives, Save Money and Provide Real Treatment for Cancer

Who We Are

We’re a talented group of researches and entrepreneurs with a groundbreaking technology designed to assist millions of cancer patients worldwide.

We developed a method to quantify the actual & functional tumor response to immunotherapy drugs.

At ImmuniQ, we believe that the right understanding and technological edge can lead doctors and patients towards a successful future. Contact us today to set up a meeting with one of our representatives.

In The Lab

The Pain

Cancer claims 10 million lives every single year. However, our body can fight cancer by itself, if only it could recognize it. Immune checkpoint inhibitors or ICIs are drugs that expose cancer to the immune system. Unfortunately, most cancer patients don’t even get them, and 7 out of 8 patients who do receive these drugs don’t respond to them. So only 5% of all cancer patients really benefit from ICIs.
Moreover, total ICI sales expected to surpass 30 Bn dollars this year alone and will increase significantly in coming years. As a result, insurance companies and HMOs spend 27 Bn dollars per year on ineffective and often unsafe treatment.

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Our Technology

At ImmuniQ, we check functional stimuli generated by ex-vivo tumor cells using a chimeric T-cells capable of binding to the tumor. 

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Our method called Immune Checkpoint Artificial Reporter, or IcAR, able to quantify binding, thus present the actual surface activity of the patient’s cancer cells, resulting in effective treatment for the right patient.
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Our Team


Omer Bar-Or

Co-Founder & CEO

Mr. Bar-Or came from the medical private sector. Seasoned executive in various medical companies such as Medingo which was acquired by Roche pharmaceuticals. Mr. Bar-Or is skilled in medical-startups transition to large scale companies and holds BA in Economics and MBA degree, both from the Haifa University.

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Prof. Angel Porgador

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Co-Founder & CIO

Prof. Porgador, Dean of the Health Sciences faculty at B.G university, received his PhD from the Weizmann Institute of Science, trained at Duke University Medical Center, and at the NIH agency in the US. Prof. Porgador served as the president of the Israel Immunological Society and currently serving as president of the Israel Society for Cancer Research.

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Prof. Moshe Elkabets

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Co-Founder & CSO

Prof. Elkabets is the head of a research lab in the Health Sciences faculty at B.G university. Postdoc graduate from Harvard medical school and Memorial sloan-kettering cancer center, specializes in tumor biology and immunology.

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Office Consultation


What traction do we have?

We work with five major hospitals in Israel and negotiating with several major insurance and pharmaceutical companies on future collaboration.

What advantages do we hold over other companies?

  1. We check functionality of the immune system using paraffin blocked samples, without time limitation, contamination risk or deterioration of sample.

  2. We can check fresh tissue as well.

  3. We offer patient-specific functional immune response with less false positives- lead to bad treatment, or less false negatives- lead to loss of treatment. Other companies offer indirect methods such as staining, gene sequencing, Micro Satellite Instability or Total Mutation Burden. None of them check the actual functionality of the immune system.

  4. We proved strong correlation between our IcAR score and clinical response using retrospective real patients' biopsies.

  5. We developed IcARs for all currently approved ICI drugs and precedes pharma industry with IcARs for drugs expected to be approved within 2-5 years.

  6. We can issue our report within 24 hours from receiving of samples, thus assist the physician choosing fast and accurate treatment.

  7. The cost of our test is low, and the equipment needed is relatively simple.

  8. To perform our analysis, we need only a thin slice of biopsy (5 micron).

How Can you Invest in ImmuniQ?

Kindly contact us using the details below.


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